Our Objectives and Purposes

The objects and purposes of the Top End Native Plant Society Incorporated are to promote and encourage:

  1. the appreciation, conservation and study of flora native to the Top End of the Northern Territory of Australia and the diverse habitats of such flora
  2. the propagation and cultivation of Top End native flora on both private and public land
  3. the establishment of national parks, flora reserves, other protected areas and botanic gardens
  4. the strengthening of laws for the conservation of Australian native flora and it's habitats
  5. the recording and publication of information on Top End native flora and its habitats
  6. the establishment and maintenance of association with organisations having compatible objects and purposes

Our Constitution Our Constitution (92 KB)

Our Logo

Our LogoGrevillea longicuspis: is a slender shrub which grows up to 1 metre in height. It is a member of the Proteacae family restricted to open woodland on well-drained slopes or low ridges in gravelly or lateritic soils in Litchfield, Manton and Blackmore river areas. Characteristically, its leaves have an holly-like irregular toothed margin. The small red flower is similar to other members of the grevillea family. It was chosen to represent our Society as it is endemic to the Top End and is not such a well known plant.

Our Activities

Members' activities and benefits include:

  • regular meetings with guest speakers
  • regular field trips, from a few hours to a few days, near Darwin and afar
  • regular newsletters
  • advice on propagation and cultivation
  • plant sales
  • field survey eg cycads and ground orchids
  • conservation of habitat
  • the opportunity to share knowledge and learn about Top End plants and habitats

Membership Form  

TENPS membership form TENPS membership form (291 KB)